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Every new customer is a new start.
And every transaction, a reward.

As you begin with Indepay, the most rewarding payment network, you create an opportunity for your customers to get rewarded at every step. Offering them handsome rewards for day-to-day transactions. And reaching people you would never have reached otherwise – and rewarding them with your trust and your offerings. Connect with us to co-create prepaid cash cards.

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Pay less. Earn more.
Isn’t it simple to earn rewards?

When you accept an Indepay card, you make a new beginning. A new beginning, that significantly reduces your transaction costs. A new beginning that helps you get extended credit periods, and earn rewards with every transaction. Be a part of the most rewarding network, ever.

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Every new spend is a
new reward in waiting.

Imagine if your daily lunch earned you delicious new cuisines, if your daily commutes earned you trips to explore new places; and the little things you shopped for earned you the one grand thing you’ve always dreamt of. Imagine an everyday so rewarding, that you longer think of it as just any other day. Go ahead, get started with Indepay. Make Every Day Rewarding.

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About Indepay

The world is in the making. And we’re shaping it, anew.

We, at Indepay Networks, are architects of the most comprehensive payment network built to natively handle new-age fintech innovations. Our processes work in alignment with existing networks. The low cost high technology framework makes us the world’s youngest payment network operation, enabling debit and credit card transactions. Being technology centric, we, at Indepay, are a pro-consumer company re-inventing cashless transactions for people. Our solutions reward our stakeholders and consumers at every step.
Some or all of these intellectual property rights are patented, patentable or under the process of being patented in various patent organizations across the world.

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Welcome new beginnings.
Welcome new rewards.

Make a new start. Get an opportunity to change the way the world transacts. And see rewards making a big difference to every person at every step as you move ahead.

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