Our Open Transfer platform makes the customer’s transfer experience accross any interface more delightful

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Our Beliefs

Be a part of the innovative journey to make the digital transfers experience in Indonesia surpass the world. If the very idea resonates with you, it’s time for action!



We believe in Equality. In creating products and services that benefit everyone. Inclusive, not exclusive. We are all about creating easy and accessible products and services. We believe the path to a more open and sustainable world is by working together.



We are here to lead as SEA’s first open transfer platform. We are determined in delivering excellence and creating a world-class user experience for everyone. We are bold in pushing the boundaries further and meticulous in leaving no stone unturned when creating a detailed plan to embark on breaking new and uncharted grounds.



The key to growth is change. That’s why we are flexible, agile, and always in the forefront of innovations to adapt to the changes in the financial space. We open up new ways, new mindsets to be able to create better technology and solutions that serve the users better.



We believe in creating an intelligent platform that benefits and adds value to people’s lives. In pursuing and discovering applicable user-tested technology that can push and improve user experience. We use concrete findings through big data as a guide to tackle problems and provide a more rational approach to solutions.


We believe that people are essential.

What Indepay is All About


We enable businesses to easily create and build applications that require access to transfer & payment and the unique identity of the users.


We are focused on creating a world-class user experience, developer-friendly infrastructures, intelligent and easy-to-use tools that solve inefficiencies in the current financial ecosystem.


Enables Interactive social commerce framework meant for D2C businesses, brands merchants, micro-merchants, warungs, nearby retailers, etc.

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