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WhatsApp Collect

Collect payments from 530 million+ on WhatsApp

Collect recurring bill payments through an app that customers use daily.

Offer end-to-end, conversational journeys and customise your integration as per business requirements.

Optimised, low-cost collections

Say goodbye to manual, inefficient and expensive ways of collecting payments. Send bill reminders with UPI payment links—using preferred regional languages—to help your customers pay with ease, and on time.

recurring payment
2-click payment experience

Favourite way to pay

Cost effective

Fastest go-live

Multiple way to pay

Recurring payments made easy

Your customers can receive reminders, with in-built payment links on WhatsApp. Or they can even start a WhatsApp chat to fetch their latest dues and pay your business periodically.

7x increase in payment conversions, compared to SMS or IVR.

60% reduction in cost of collections.

25% organic retention. Customers re-visit monthly and fetch bills to pay.

Low-code CSV integration to send payment messages in bulk.

Option 1

Send reminders to your customer

Try the payment experience yourself!

Fill in details—like WhatsApp number, customer name—to receive a payment reminder message and make an actual payment of ₹1.

Option 2

Let your customers fetch their bills

Your customer can type in a pre-defined keyword or phrase—like “Get bill”—and send it to your business account. This will trigger a fetch of their latest bill from your system to show due amount and a “Pay now” button, for your customer to complete payment.

open transfer platform

Customise flows

Works for any business category

Build payment journeys suited to your customers’ needs. Run campaigns with custom message templates for
payment reminders and confirmation messages.

one click checkout

Powered 24 × 7

Offer round-the-clock, no-contact support
during the COVID era. Set up auto-replies
and reminders.

Vernacular support

Our infra supports messages in any language—interact with your customers using their preferred language, to build trust.

Go live quickly

Simplified integration

Either get a new WhatsApp business account, or port your existing account to any of Indepay partners.
Sign up as a Indepay Collect merchant and go live in a few hours—

Integrate your way—with APIs or no code

Share bills with Setu and start collecting payments

Access reports and notifications

Have a quick chat with our sales team and get started on your collections journey.


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